With many different varieties of Apples and most pears today, there are so many, that to identify one, and graft one type of apple, to grow into, and become the same apple tree again, is a long process where it is required for a nursery supplier as us to have many different varieties on site to take cuttings.. This takes propagation orchards where those elder trees must be already situated on site, although with elder trees to prune from, time enducing tolerance, and hope, to achieve a fully completed variety, like many of the prospering fruit bearing elder trees, that would be needed, to graft pears or apples with, to create a grafted apple to propagation of producing an earl fruit bearing tree, to finally reach the goal achievement of doing that from such, - reaping the young saplings, or cuttings, from already mature varieties to side stemming onto a Crab apple, which is to strip the bark off the pruned off lower stem above the roots, and then in the same practice then prune off the exterior bark from an already established variety apple or pear, an off cutting of around 1 foot, and join the almost the identical side stem cut you have made, by almost a reflection mirror image if you can achieve it, which then grows to become the same variety of fruit that the cutting from the older tree it was taken off produces throughout every year of it's grown life. The grafting method.
Presently of the goal in this aim, I personally could give it a go, but at this time, I have recently established 4 varieties of apples and 2 sorts of pear here on site so will in the near future be looking forward to giving it a go in the coming years of the business. The saplings I have at the moment are of a size that I believe might be too old to graft, I grew them from seeds, I know you yourself would be thinking, by grafting apples, why do they graft them, why is the fruit only suitable from an accurate grafted tree, and no other? Well a gardening expert would say, it's not always but in most cases. The only difference between a grafted apple tree is that it doesn't just grow true to the elder tree, but it produces the fruit far quicker, like in 4-5 years, where as the apple tree from pip, takes 8 - 12 years,if it actually grows any right apples- pears at all, but still will live well over 75 years easy. Certainly they should fruit from there on, Ornamental or the real thing, when I reach the 1st year in fruit from my saplings whether they do, they shall be arranged on site in distinctional order to be sold, half price fruit trees shall photograraph it, and place it on the site. ..
Half Price Fruit Trees is renowned for Price of Sales. Enjoy the site. Thankyou Mr S. Carr..

Forreli Pear
29-2 pears
Comice Pear
Bosc Pear
A Pear
correla pear

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